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Helena Aikido

Shinki Aikido

Official Song of Kumano Jyuku Aiki Dojo

Poem by Sugawa Tsutomu Dojo-Cho
Kumano Jyuku Dojo, Shingu, Japan

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Shinki Aikido - by Sugawa Dojo-cho

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Shinki Aikido

Nature’s Energy Aikido
(Aikido derived from Nature’s energy)

True Victory, Self Victory!
Not victory over your partner, but over yourself.
If your Aikido is not sincere,
it doesn’t truly become part of you.

Keep doing austere training in order
to become one with nature.
Soak the tatami mats with sweat and tears.

Aikido is the technique of the kami.
**Echoing in the fields of Oyunohara,
draw a circle and dance freely in the universe.

Pure water of the Otonashi (Silent) River,
do not go against the
flow of Nature.
Purify and wash away maliciousness of your mind.

Gratitude and appreciation for Nature!

Give the gift of happiness and joy to others.
Aikido is the way of love.
Kumano’s sacred breath falls down all around.

Return to the original source
in the forest of mystery.
Surrender your worries and troubles and
restart from the beginning.

Depart and head toward your dream
while praying for world peace.
Aikido is the Silver Bridge to the world.

正勝 悟勝  勝守り
相手じゃないよ  自分だよ
誠じゃないと  身につかず
自然に同化の  修行を重ね
汗と涙で  畳を染めて
神の技だよ  合気道
**大斎原(おおゆのはら)に  こだまして
円を描いて  宇宙に舞う

音無川の  水清く
自然の流れに  逆らわず
心の邪気を  禊して
自然に感謝の  ありがたさ
人に幸せ  喜びを
愛の道だよ  合気道

熊野の神息(みいき)  降り注ぐ
神秘の森で  原点に(ふりだしに)
心の悩み  再生し
夢に向かって  出発を(たびだち)
世界平和を  祈りつつ
銀の架け橋  合気道