Helena Aikido

We need your help! To keep the dojo operating smoothly, there are many things that need to be done. These are some of the tasks that we need done. If you have an interest in any of these, please contact us.
  • Curriculum: Miho Lloyd, Lisa Ernst, Kerrick Murray, Matt Pettit
  • Website: 
  • Global and community interactions
  • Demos and special events: handle seminars and demonstrations from community requests, etc. :
  • PR and membership: handle new members, recruiting:
  • Supplies: medical supplies, dogi and weapon orders, any PR fund raising such as calendars and T-shirts for sale:  Kerrick Murray 
  • Custodial: cleaning supplies and once or twice a year steam cleaning
  • Location search: the board

Currently the Board of Directors are:
  • Miho Lloyd, dojo cho, 449-3407
  • Lisa Ernst, President, 461-1186
  • Marisa Mailand, Secretary, 
  • Matt Pettit, Treasurer,